Around and around we go

7 Nov

So life, it’s a crazy little devil.

It occurred to me earlier this week, in the midst of houses, elections, and job applications that Andrew and I have been home from the deployment for a year. In fact, exactly a year ago today, I wrote this post about finally making it back to America.

I’m not sure how a year has gone by already. The life I was living a year ago is so far removed from the life I’m living now. It’s been a year of change, a year of adventure, and a year of really good things, minus some random bouts of depression and alienation. I still catch myself saying I just got back from a deployment to Kosovo, when really, that’s not true at all – the guy who won third place in the costume contest on Halloween, HE just got back, but not us.

A year ago when we got back to Virginia, we were homeless. Luckily, Andrew had a good friend willing to let us crash for a week until we found a place. Then there was the car situation. Trust me when I say that sucked and was very expensive and I’ve entertained thoughts of murder and/or lawsuits because of it, but really, wasting breath on that now is pointless. Ahem. Also, we didn’t have any furniture, just mountains of Army crap. And friends, we didn’t have any. We didn’t have jobs either. Oh, and we got married in January. That happened too. SO, in a year, we’ve put a contract on a house, gotten married, acquired a crazy fabulous group of friends that are so close they’re practically family, gotten jobs, adopted a psychopathic HuskyMutt, gotten furniture, gotten my car back and a car for Andrew, and, maybe best of all, a new president who will likely be fabulous and wonderful and restore my faith in politics. Yeah, it’s been a little busy. And yet still, I get home from work and wonder why I’m so exhausted all the time when really, I’ve been going full speed for months now and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of a breather would be a good thing. I’m such a control freak that even on weekends when I don’t have ANYTHING to do except for clean the house I force myself to avoid naps because THERES JUST SO MUCH TO DO! Which is stupid. And irrational. Because naps are good and I should not deny myself good things.

I’m not totally sure I ever had a point in writing this post except for wow, life moves quick when you’re not looking.


2 Responses to “Around and around we go”

  1. nicoleantoinette November 7, 2008 at 2:51 PM #

    The underlying message here is something I’ve been thinking about lately too, how fast life goes.

  2. Holly November 7, 2008 at 3:53 PM #

    You are hillarious. I could see your brain moving a mile a minute while I read this post. Can’t wait til Saturday!

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