Thank Goodness January Ended

2 Feb

January totally kicked my ass.  There was the new job thing and the inauguration thing and the moving thing and holy crap – I’m exhausted. 

On a good note, we got lots and lots accomplished in January, the most important accomplishment being that we moved! Finally and at last! After owning the house for a month and ten days we FINALLY decided it would be a good idea to actually you know, move into it and live in it and bask in the glory of homeownership and since we’ve been here all of eight days, I can say that yes – the house is good.  I don’t hear my neighbors stomping around on my ceiling anymore, nor is my life partly controlled by slumlords anymore. 

The only part that isn’t totally and completely awesome is the unpacking part, which I loathe with every fiber of my being. We keep telling the dog to unpack everything while we’re at work and each time we come back home the only thing she’s done is found a rouge piece of toilet paper and ripped it to shreds.  I’m not sure how she thinks that’s going to help the problem of towering boxes in every room but it gives me hope that she is listening to us just a little bit since she obviously “unpacked” that piece of toilet paper from a trashcan.


2 Responses to “Thank Goodness January Ended”

  1. Mermanda February 6, 2009 at 3:44 PM #

    Awww. Your doggy was just doing the best he could without having any thumbs.

    Good luck unpacking! Wahooo for home ownership!


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