Because I am just that grumpy

15 Apr
  • We leave for the Outer Banks tomorrow evening.  When we get there tomorrow night, it’s probably going to be 40-something.  April is being such a jerk this year.
  • We’re have to board the dog for the next two weekends due to work and I feel SO guilty about it.  She has fun when she goes because she gets to play with all the other silly dogs, but still.  I feel like a bad parent.
  • Today was a clusterfuck and I’m still pissed about it.
  • I’m really hoping the yuppies don’t end up going to beach with us this weekend because they annoy the hell out of me and I really don’t feel like putting up with their crap while I’m on a mini-vacation.
  • All I really want to do right now is mumble profanities.  I really hope the run I am going to attempt in a few minutes helps me knock the shit out of this bad attitude I’ve acquired.
  • This is the dumbest spring ever.  I get that rain brings the flowers but enough is enough.  Where is the warmth? The sunshine? The birds chirping?
  • June is looking to be entirely too busy with weddings and graduations and the busiest work month of the entire year and I’d really just like for it all to just shut up and stop being so damn important that we can’t miss it.
  • Hmmm…I feel better now that I’ve bitched to the internets.  I love you internets, thanks for listening.

One Response to “Because I am just that grumpy”

  1. anOCgirl April 15, 2009 at 10:06 PM #

    besides the cherry blossoms, spring sucks so far. i’m so over the rain and the cold temps. wth. i thought spring was supposed to be nice!

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