Making me feel all sorts of old

13 May

I realized yesterday evening, a little too late, that it was an anniversary. On May 12, 2003, I went with a recruiter to the Baltimore Military Entrance Processing Station and signed up for six years of military service with the Virginia Army National Guard. That was six years ago yesterday and today is day one of my second six-year enlistment because I really just can’t get enough.

When I signed up the first time, I was 19. Still in high school. Determined to be with the same asshat high school boyfriend forever. Six years when you’re 19 seems like a long time. At 19 all I could think was that six years before I had been 13 and that seemed like an eternity ago and – holy shit- by the time this six year army stint was up, I’d be 25! Holy old age Batman! I hadn’t liked anything for six straight years at that point and banking on liking something as crazy as the Army for six years was one of ballsiest (and best) decisions I’d ever made.

And then there’s now. I’ve said it a million times already, and I’ll probably say it a million times again. I can’t imagine my life without the military. Without the opportunities it’s given me, the life experience, the education, the husband, I’m not sure where (or who) I’d be.

I wouldn’t have the full-time job I have now, a job that allows me to travel across the Commonwealth of Virginia interviewing Soldiers, recording various training events, ceremonies and anything else deemed newsworthy and then, best of all, I get to tell their story. AND, they pay me to do it.

I wouldn’t have had the chance to spend a year in Kosovo to experience a world totally different from my own where education and a steady electricity supply are luxuries. The lessons I learned there have left an invaluable mark on how I perceive the world around me and I would hate to be without that.

And the husband. If it wasn’t for Virginia, for Kosovo, for the deployment, for journalism, for the 29th Infantry Division, I wouldn’t have him and all the wonderful things we’ve been able to bring into each other lives.

Thanks Army.

Here’s to another six.


3 Responses to “Making me feel all sorts of old”

  1. picturesandpostits May 14, 2009 at 8:13 AM #

    *clinks glass*

  2. Holly May 14, 2009 at 1:10 PM #

    Happy Armyversary!


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