This Tuesday feels like Monday

19 May

Today…we did not end up going to West Virginia to cover the flood recovery efforts as planned. Today, did not go as planned at all, and that’s actually kind of a good thing.

I did get contact lenses today. Thank goodness. I’m not sure I could have handled another day with glasses.

We dropped the dog off at the doggie day care place where she spends hours upon hours running around like a lunatic with lots of other doggies and then, when we pick her up, she returns home totally exhausted and sleeps for days on end. It’s fabulous really. I love my dog, but not having to entertain her after we get home from a trip is pretty priceless.

We went to lunch, packed up our vehicle and then went to pick up the third member of our team to start our adventure to West Virginia, BUT THEN (dun dun dun) the drama hit the fan and instead of leaving, we sat around for an hour and a half (which was great because there was A SUPER CRAZY CUTE puppy to play with and puppies make everything better!). Eventually the trip was postponed and we say bye to the cutest puppy in the world, which kind of hurt my heart and so help me – I can thisclose to putting the pup in my pocket.

Then we went home and called the day a bust, but it really wasn’t because any day that involves a puppy, espeically a puppy I don’t have to clean up after,  should be considered a success.

Tomorrow, at the ass-crack of dawn, we will try this West Virginia thing again. Hopefully tomorrow we make it out of the state and get to see the puppy.

Also, ALL I want to do lately is work on the house. And by work on the house, I mean look through my home design books. I keep hoping the power of visualization will magicaly turn my house fabulous, but so far, nothing.


One Response to “This Tuesday feels like Monday”

  1. picturesandpostits May 20, 2009 at 3:35 AM #

    i love super cute crazy puppies. I almost smuggled one home from work the other week.. Labradoodle cross. Looked like a labrador, but with a shaggy coat.. no idea what it was crossed with.
    I loved her….

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