TMI & a Devil Potato

29 May

I probably shouldn’t share this story with the internet, but really, I just don’t care anymore.  Holding back is for sissies and, much like 13-year-old boys, I believe gross things should be shared with others.

Yesterday I was hungry. Since there’s nothing in the house to eat because I am lazy and have not gone grocery shopping since April, the only thing I could find to eat was a potato.  So I cooked it in the microwave, smothered it in butter and salt and chopped away.

About an hour later I started feeling all sorts of crappy.  My belly started screaming at me and I went to lay down in the hopes I would feel better.  I get stomachaches ALL THE DAMN TIME, because apparently, at 25, I can no longer eat anything and everything in sight.

Also, it’s important to note that I don’t vomit.  Seriously.  It happens like once every five years and is not something I’ve ever done from just eating something – there’s always been something to blame, like tequila shots or fair rides.

Except for yesterday I puked up that damn potato.  All of it. For no reason except for that it WAS EVIL and did not want to be in my stomach.

And then (this is the worst part), I blew my nose.  And a piece of potato came out.  And then I puked again.

It was gross.

I seriously don’t know if I will ever eat a potato again.


2 Responses to “TMI & a Devil Potato”

  1. kirby May 31, 2009 at 5:38 AM #

    ahaha oh no!

    I rarely vomit either. I suspect the next time I do so will be the first indication that I’ve wound up knocked up…

  2. Holly June 1, 2009 at 9:28 AM #

    I’ve blown food out my nose before. Weird how the nasal/throat passages are connected. Sorry to hear the potato made you sick.

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