Reasons I laugh at myself

4 Jun

I have been wearing the same jeans for weeks.  They haven’t been washed since I bought them sometimes in May.  I could really care less. I believe jeans don’t jeans have to be washed after each time they’re worn.  Plus, since we quit smoking, I smell a lot better.  That’s always a plus, right?

The other day I made this baked apple dessert thing just because I had five apples sitting on my counter that were about to go bad.  I won’t eat apples that aren’t crisp and a little tart.  I’m SUPER picky about it.  So I made a fall dessert in the middle of spring. We ate half of it right after having turkey burritos for dinner. It was delicious. And I might have some of it for lunch today.  Just because I can.

Netflix is sending me Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous. It’s that one Jessica Simpson movie that went straight to video because it sucked so bad about a Hollywood starlet going to basic training.  I want to watch it just so I can yell at the TV about the Army inacuracies.  Fortunately, the husband feels the same way and sometime this weekend we will probably sit in bed and throw popcorn at the TV and feel too smart for our own good and say mean things about Jessica Simpson.

I just ordered a new computer.  I’ve had the same one since I was 20 or so and it’s time for an upgrade.  Plus, the Sims 3 just came out and I’m a HUGE fan of the Sims because I’m a dork like that and my current computer would probably blow up if I even tried to put the disk for Sims 3 in it, so, I figure why not just go ahead and get a computer now instead of talking about it for another six months.  I get all weird about spending money sometimes and hold off forever on big purchases because I like watching my savings account grow.  It’s mostly logical, but what the hell am I saving for? Why am I working so hard and not letting myself spend money on fun stuff? Isn’t that the point of savings?  So you can then do something fun with all that hard-earned, tucked-away cash?

My tomato plants have lost their damn minds.  They are MASSIVE.  We staked them when they were babies but because they are MONSTER tomato plants, they have ripped the stakes from the ground and are now toppling over under their own weight.  Last night, after a thunderstorm, I had to leave my cozy bed and go outside and squat in the garden and re-stake two of my tomato plants because they had fallen ever.  They are ridiculous.  And so help me, if they don’t give me lots and lots of tomatoes, I will kill every single one of them.


3 Responses to “Reasons I laugh at myself”

  1. kirby June 5, 2009 at 8:45 AM #

    jeans lose their awesome jean-y ness if you wash them too often. Then they won’t be awesome anymore.

    And you will have to tell me how sims 3 compares to sims2. I cannot tell from the screenshots on the website whether it will be worth spending the $80 they are asking for to purchase the game if it’s basically the same as the second one.

  2. Holly June 5, 2009 at 2:03 PM #

    i LOL’d pretty hard at this. especially at the MONSTERS tomato description.

  3. anOCgirl June 15, 2009 at 9:19 PM #

    I believe jeans don’t jeans have to be washed after each time they’re worn.

    actually, you are correct. good jeans are made so that you can wear them several times w/o washing. they are meant to be worn over and over again. i say this as someone who sold jeans for 6 years at the crap/Gap.

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