I’ll give you a little peak

16 Jun

Things have been rather busy around here lately. And they don’t really show any signs of letting up any time soon.

On Thursday our guests, R&H, arrived – the ones we’d been cleaning and scrubbing the house for. They LOVED the house. Said they were jealous. Told us we should get a porch swing.  I showed them the guest room, where they stayed for two nights, and H said “It looks just like a hotel!” At which point all my stress and grumpiness and anxiety went out the window because – PHEW! – they like it! It’s awesome! Go me!

Friday we worked most of the day and then had dinner with R&H at our friend’s K&L’s house. It was delicious and there was wine and good conversation and the only part that sucked was that whole Redwings not getting the Stanley Cup thing.  My husband is from the Detroit area and so we’re currently living in denial about the loss of the Stanley Cup.  It never happened.  It was all a bad dream.

Saturday we went to wedding for a couple, M&M, who we lived next door to at the old apartment building.  They are sweet and adorable and awesome and have done AMAZING things to their backyard in just a few weeks.  Seriously – they put in this amazing two level brick patio.  I am jealous.  I does want.  Now. It was a super simple ceremony, but one of the sweetest I’ve ever attended. Then, I drank a whole bunch of wine, and even took a bottle home with me – the bride said I could – don’t judge me.  Good times were had by all.  M&M are now on their way to Alaska for their honeymoon.  I’m insanely jealous.

Sunday we had to work.  It was a good event, something called a Freedom Salute.  It’s a ceremony to honor and recognize Soldiers who have recently returned from deployments.

Yesterday we got to do all sorts of neat Army stuff and then we had to race our little asses home to have dinner with my cousin.  Who lives in Richmond. And has for as long as I have.  And yet, I didn’t know that.

Over the years I’ve lived in Richmond, two tanning places I’ve gone to have had two people with my last name in their database and so when I give them my last name, these places always ask which one I am.  Our last name is pretty uncommon so the last time they confused me with her, I told them no, I’m Terra, and that other girl with my last name is my cousin.  And then I finally decided to get to the bottom of this whole thing and sent her a message on Facebook.  And lo and behold her and her hubby live about 9 mins away.  So, plans were made and we had dinner last night and we had so much fun.  I didn’t really know what to expect because we hadn’t seen each other in about 8 years or so and I’m her younger brother’s age so we weren’t that close growing up, but we had so much fun last night.  We drank some wine, ate some dinner, went to a deserted bar and had some beers, traded stories and laughed about the insanity of family.  It’s amazing how much we have in common and I have no doubt we’ll be getting together in the future.

So now it’s Tuesday and we’re running around like crazy people because we haven’t had any time to catch our breath lately.  Life is just so damn full right now and I’m loving it but man – I could use a nap.

Today we’re leaving for the beach.  R&H are getting married tomorrow.  It’s the week of weddings and I can’t wait to go down to the Outer Banks and chillax.  I need it. Hopefully I can remember to relax while we’re down there because once we get back from this little vacay, things are going to remain pretty crazy around these parts.

Have a good week internets! I’ll miss you!


3 Responses to “I’ll give you a little peak”

  1. kirby June 17, 2009 at 6:41 AM #

    I am glad to know, based on M&M, that it does not seem odd that both me and Boy have names beginning with the same letter. K&K sounds okay, right?

    Trivia… did you know you live in the same town that jason mraz grew up in? Own it. I encourage you to stalk his family, who apparently still live there. /fangirl.

    And lastly… would it be creepy to add you on facebook?

  2. Holly June 18, 2009 at 1:23 PM #

    Sounds like good times! Wine, weddings, convos with family.

    You and I need to do that again sometime soon, when we get back from our respective beaches(I leave Sunday!).

  3. titus2woman June 21, 2009 at 6:28 PM #

    What a totally FUN post!!!! I’m dying to see your house~ONE DAY I will get ours in order, REALLY I will! We are decluttering and switching our room to downstairs and giving Hazel ours. I can’t wait to paint it PINK, PINK, and more PINK for her!!!! and paint the boys’ too… The yard? Well, you have experienced how ghetto it is. ONE DAY that really will happen too~it’s my dream…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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