Things I was supposed to accomplish in June & July’s Goals

1 Jul

June Goals:

  1. Sell the couch, the coffee table & the old TV stand on craigslist – 33.3% Complete. We got rid of the TV stand, but the couch is still sitting downstairs covered in dog fur and the coffee table has since moved into my office, for better or for worse.
  2. Go on a date with my husband – Success!
  3. Run at least once a week for the whole month – Fail! I think I ran twice.  The whole month.
  4. Mail Dan at least two letters a week – Fail!
  5. Get the downstairs disaster area organized – Success! Where there once was disaster, there is now nothing.
  6. Find a dress for the Wednesday wedding – Success!
  7. Pick a paint color for the downstairs bathroom – Fail!
  8. Pick wildflowers – Success! Luckily the month of June allowed me plenty of time out doors in the wilderness of Fort Pickett and so, while tromping through the mud, I picked a wide assortment of flowers I forgot to take pictures of.
  9. Bake bread – Fail!
  10. Find dining chairs – Fail!
  11. Patch holes & paint in the living room – Fail!

I can say I accomplished a lot in June, just not things I wanted to accomplish.  Work was hectic, we were out of town repeatedly, we went to two weddings, worked every single weekend except for the last one and I bought the Sims 3, which means I really didn’t have time for much else.

Oh well. July is a new month.

July Goals

  1. Patch holes & paint in the living room
  2. Purchase curtains for the living room
  3. Get rid of the couch
  4. Go on a date with my husband
  5. Set up the soon-to-be completed TV area in the living room
  6. Purchase a tree for the front yard

July is light on goals because the husband and I are going to be in Wisconsin for two weeks for work and thus, a lot of things I want to get done this month, probably aren’t going to happen.

That said, the living room is becoming more and more complete each day and I can’t wait until I can call it done.


One Response to “Things I was supposed to accomplish in June & July’s Goals”

  1. Margaret July 6, 2009 at 9:06 AM #

    Be proud of what you accomplished. There’s always another day.

    Remember you wear several hats for one person. Woman, Soldier, Wife, Homeowner, Dog owner…

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