Weekend Update: Good & Bad Edition

6 Jul


The Good: Went with husband and recently-returned from Army training best friend to wander around Hollywood Cemetery and take lots of pictures and marvel at the tombs of alleged vampires.
The Bad: Too much traffic! The last time the husband and I went to Hollywood, it was December and thus, deserted.  In July, it is much different and there are loud people and cars and guys on moped-type-things who go very fast down hills and annoy the crap out of me.

The Good: I attended a fabulous 4th of July party hosted by none other than an equally fabulous blog friend. There were lots & lots of margaritas! Made from scratch! No bucket o’ ritas for that classy hostess! No ma’am.  It was delicious and, amazingly, I did not fall down once.
The Bad: Because I am a hypocrite and also an asshole, I totally forgot to let the husband know I made it home safe (he was four blocks away at our friend’s house playing Mario Cart) and thus he was forced to end his night earlier than he would have liked to ensure I was alive and not dead.  The guilt – I has it.


The Good: After sleeping in, we showed off our new and almost complete built-in TV cabinet to our friends, and then drove way out to the other side of town to go to Whole Foods.
The Bad: Richmond’s West End, where the Whole Foods is, sucks.  The traffic, the suburban sprawl – I loathe it.

The Good: Went to a cook-out at a friend’s house, nommed on delicious noms, set off some fireworks and then brought the whole gang back to our house (which was totally not prepared to have people over).
The Bad: We were misinformed about fireworks and thus, only got to see the little (and illegal) shows of my neighbors. FIREWORKS FAIL!


The Good: Slept in and lazed about until the early afternoon.
The Bad: Slept in too late to really accomplish anything.

The Good: Went to cook-out at my cousin’s house where laughter and wine – two of my favorite things – were abundant.
The Bad: Found out said cousin is moving to frickin’ Alabama at the end of this month which gives us appoximately NO TIME AT ALL to see her before she and her husband leave. Boo! Hiss!

And now, it’s Monday. Which just seems wrong.  Monday always seems to be such a harsh punishment after such a lovely three day weekend.


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