la la la Living Room Update

7 Jul

The husband and I have decided that the living room is at it’s halfway point.  It does not suck nearly as hard as it did when we moved in, but has actually been transformed significantly over the past week thanks to a little thing we like to call The Built-in:


Is different, yes? Much, much, much, MUCH better.  Instead of a big empty corner, there is now a TV cabinet.  With a TV! That is not sitting on the floor anymore! It’s amazing! Things are getting accomplished! Woot!

Seriously though, since I last wrote about the living room, it’s changed.  We found art for above the mantle:


It’s funky and mean, just like us.  And it looks great against the yellow walls.

We also had our friend move a light switch for us, which facilitated the building of the Built-In.

There are still lots of things to do, but instead of just having a massive list with nothing checked off, there are now things checked off which means YAY! WOO! and whatnot.

You have no idea how hateful my living room to-do list is.  I have it pinned to a bulletin board in front of my desk and whenever I look up, there it is. Mocking me with it’s yet-to-be-completed tasks.  I hate that list, and because I hate it, I’m going to share it with you:

Living Room To-Do (that has a surprisingly nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)

  • Get cabinet built
  • Purchase curtains (Ikea)
  • Purchase art
  • Purchase doors for bookshelves (Ikea)
  • Chair
  • Find a coffee table we both like (we know we want something round, but other than that, who the hell knows)
  • Side Tables x 2
  • Pillow
  • Throw
  • Paint trim (this will suck because the assholes that last painted the trim in my house did it WRONG and so now I need to sand it all down, prime it and then paint it which just plain sucks)
  • Hang art
  • Move switch
  • Put in outlet (while there is a nice TV sitting in the built-in, there is currently no way to power it since the closest outlet is on the other side of the wall. luckily, we have a handy friend who can do those sorts of things. unfortunately, he is out of town until the day we leave for two weeks. convenient, i know.)
  • Patch holes
  • Rug (must not be hated by myself or the husband, must be dog-proofish, not white, not black, look decent in a room with bright yellow walls, not be too boring, or too loud – do you think that’s asking for too much out of a rug?)

Basically, since at least two of these tasks require Ikea, I think instead of working after we get back from this upcoming two week work trip to Wisconsin, I should get to go to Ikea and wallow in it’s sweet Swedish goodness.


One Response to “la la la Living Room Update”

  1. titus2woman July 15, 2009 at 6:56 PM #

    LOVE IT! Still working on bedroom To Do lists here~and they too are LONG! Hope to get it done before October and am INSPIRED by YOU! ~as usual~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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