Letters: Goodbye July Edition

31 Jul

Dear Husband,

Sorry I’ve been such a grinch lately. I could blame it on a lot of things, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll just I’m sorry for taking it out on you.



Dear San Francisco,

I would like to come visit you. In fact, I’m 80% sure I’m just going to say “fuck it” and book a plane ticket and a hotel room for sometime in September. Having never visiting the West Coast before, I’m a little nervous about this endeavor.  Please don’t be a biter.


Terra, who is in desperate need of a husband & wife only vacation

Dear Living Room,

You look very nice today. Except for all the Army shit piled everywhere.  I promise I’ll take care of that today. Or at the latest, tomorrow.  Really.


Your creator

Dear SadieDog,

GO LAY DOWN! Your level of annoyingness has been heightened lately, and I’m not sure why. We play with you, we love on you, we laugh at you when you do silly things, and yet STILL, at 6 AM you think it’s appropriate to sneeze in my face and step on me repeatedly. Knock it off!


Your Momma

Dear Deck,

I would like to extend you. What do you think about that?

– Home-Owner

Dear July,

Where did you go? You were here and it was exciting and great and then all of a sudden I went to Wisconsin and nearly froze to death and then – you were gone.  I really wish I could have enjoyed you just a little bit more.

See you next year!

– T.


One Response to “Letters: Goodbye July Edition”

  1. kirby August 2, 2009 at 3:27 AM #

    dear terra,

    I like this post. In fact, I think your blog is super.



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