The grand tradition of leaving concerts early

6 Aug

Before seeing the Silversun Pickups on Tuesday night, the Husband, myself, and another couple went to  dinner.  We went to this place, called Legend Brewery, which I count as one of several Richmond restaurants that are definitively Richmond.  First, you need to know I visited this place for the first time about four years ago. Back in the day. Second, this place has a very large deck overlooking the James River and is one of the best places to drink outside in the city, at least as far as I’m concerned. I have, in the past, had great amounts of fun at this restaurant and the Husband and I even won a halloween costume contest there last October.

Since the husband and I were extra special hungry, as were our friends, the husband ordered the Plate O’ Nachos, on my recommendation because I had it once four years ago and it was a glorious mountain of nacho goodness with all sorts of delicious things on it. When it arrived, I almost cried. It was no longer a mountain of nacho goodness, but instead a soft, rolling hill with cheese and lettuce and tomatoes and none of the delicious goodness of yesteryear. Strike 1.

Feeling slightly bitter about the nacho situation, I ordered their Special Grilled Caesar salad thing because damn near everything else on their now-shrunken menu has meat in it or is a veggie burger which I didn’t want nor did I want Broccoli Alfredo because I hate white sauce.  I made a horrible mistake. I assumed, like some naive child, that a salad costing $9 would have some substance to it. But no. My salad actually consisted of a small head of romaine lettuce, cut in half, burnt on the grill, thrown on a plate and doused with what they called a “corn salsa” and what I’m calling “corn mixed with Ceasar dressing” and then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. When our waitress brought it out, I seriously thought I was being punked because SERIOUSLY, who in their right mind thinks anyone wants a a head of lettuce cut in half for their meal?! Strike 2.

So I was a sad, sad Terra when we left Legend Brewery and headed downtown toward the concert venue because it’s yet another thing that used to be good that now sucks donkey feet.

But the concert — was awesome! Yay Silversun Pickups!  They were totally and completely awesome and fabulous and it was a very good/great/amazing show and I am so glad I went even if it was on a Tuesday and it has left me feeling tired all the way to today which is now Thursday. It was totally worth it.

Because I am awkward and have no rhythm, I did not attend my first concert until college, and that’s when I started the grand tradition of leaving concerts early.

When I went to see Widespread Panic my freshmen year of college, I was accompanied by two drunk boys who thought it would be a good idea to get shit-housed off beer and bourbon before the show. We were all 19 at the time, so naturally, they wanted to be good and drunk before the show, since they couldn’t legally drink at the show.  Genius, right? Well, lo and behold, not thirty minutes into the show, there I was sitting down in a field of hippies with Drunk #1 and Drunk #2 who announced that they needed to go home and lie down before the exploded vomit. So we left.

Also during my freshmen year, five of us packed into my Rav 4 to go see Keller Williams in Norfolk, Va. Seeing as it was my first Keller Williams show I was mucho impressed and enjoying myself when my roommate runs over and informs me that one of our friends just PASSED THE HELL OUT. So we all run outside where she’s being comforted by a big bouncer guy who is trying to get her to drink water and she informs us that she hasn’t eaten anything today at all and is just really hungry so we all call her a dumbass because “HELLO – it’s nighttime now and why haven’t you eaten anything? Don’t you know you’re supposed to gain 15 pounds your freshman year of college?” And so, since she was all passing out and allegedly starving, we left.

Fast forward several years to Tuesday. We’re waiting for the Silversun Pickups to get their asses back on stage and give us an encore. And they do. Yay! So everyone is yelling and cheering and we’re so happy and tired and everything smells like beer but it’s okay because they came back on stage! Woo! Except for then we see our friend, Drunkard (not his real name), being escorted out by a very large bouncer guy. And because he is obviously stupid drunk and making an ass of himself, we leave too because who knows what he’ll do out front of the venue without adult supervision.

Upon doing the math, I realized I’ve left 50% of the concerts I’ve attended early, although in my defense, it’s totally not my fault. I think I need to gain some friends who don’t drink, but who do eat.


3 Responses to “The grand tradition of leaving concerts early”

  1. CuppyCakes August 7, 2009 at 5:11 AM #

    I have only ever left one concert early. I don’t like missing things!

  2. Margaret August 9, 2009 at 12:53 PM #

    People who need to get drunk, in order to have fun, are missing some brain cells.

  3. anOCgirl August 13, 2009 at 11:34 AM #

    i have never left a concert early until this past weekend when we left the dave matthews concert before the encore. i’ve also never sat on the lawn until that show.

    because of the craziness you mentioned in the post also happening to me (although the people doing these things were strangers), i will forever more spend the extra money on reserved seats and not miss an encore again.

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