Found Friends: The magic of the internets

17 Aug

Remember back in the day when MySpace wasn’t all creepy and skeezy?  It was a while ago, but I’m pretty sure it was the bees knees at one point in time, and at that time, back when it was cool, my childhood best friend found me on there.  And that, was pretty damn cool.

This girl, who isn’t really a girl at all anymore, knew me at my most awkward state. Better yet, she shared awkwardness with me.  She’s one in a handful of people who knew me, and knew me well, when I lived on a farm.

We had the best of adventures. All long arms and legs, wherever we went, we ran, barefoot more times than not. Always off to find the next adventure.

So of course, when this woman found me, I was thrilled. She was getting married and all grown up and somewhere, between the years of high school and college and me joining the army, we’d morphed into these normal women who do grown up things and who have shed so much of the awkwardness and who fell in love and who live life like normal, well-adapted women.

She lives in Ohio. I live in Virginia. So, we settled on following each others lives through the internets – through blogs and facebook and even MySpace before the creepy set in. And that was okay, I guess. At least we were in each others lives even if we really weren’t.

Fast forward a bit. On the facebook, this friend sends me a message saying she’s going to be passing through and would we mind if she and her husband stopped by. Of course, I said YES, emphatically, with much arm flailing because I haven’t seen this lovely lady in 13 years and the chance to see her would be A-MAZING!

She got to Richmond, and to our house, on Friday night. With her husband. Tanned from a week at the beach. Grown up. Taller. Older. Just as amazing as she’d always been.  Her laugh is exactly the same as I remember. She looks the same, except for not. We haven’t changed, and we have. And I’m just so lucky. So. Damn. Lucky.

We remember different things. We can fill in the blanks about who we were. The whole night it was a parade of “do you remember the time…” Because you see, when you move around as much as I have, you lose parts of yourself. You leave them in old bedrooms, underneath the floorboards, hidden in the cupboards in past kitchens and then, when you are able to reunite with someone from way back when, you gain little bits back. She filled in the missing holes, the gaps, and brought with her a whole basket of shared memories.

It was amazing. I was nervous and anxious before she arrived and thrilled once she got here because looking at her now is just like looking at her then. I could still tell her my secrets, even after all these years, all these different  lives we’ve lived as we’ve grown from gangly girls to grown-up women. We’ve changed so much, and yet we’re still exactly the same. I love it.


7 Responses to “Found Friends: The magic of the internets”

  1. San August 17, 2009 at 2:59 PM #

    Aww, this is why I LOVE the Internet! 🙂

  2. Margaret August 17, 2009 at 3:28 PM #

    I’m almost crying…wonderful to reunite with someone who knew/knows you and still loves you, just as you are. What a Blessing for both of you. Big HUG

  3. H to the Izzo August 17, 2009 at 10:28 PM #

    Awwww, there’s NOTHING like old friends. Sounds like a blast.

  4. CuppyCakes August 18, 2009 at 5:14 AM #

    Loving the new bloggy makeover – by the way.

    If it wasn’t for the innerwebs… I wouldn’t have friends. Both new friends and found friends from years ago. I’d be all loner-like.


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