I’m not too cool for school & the summer of sleeping

18 Aug

I don’t know what it is about this summer, but it’s kicked my ass.  And, it’s over. I know it’s still August, but, for the first time since before I went far, far away to that Kosovo place, I’ll be a college student. Starting on Monday. At 4 pm.  Yes, I’m only taking one class, but still. I’m scared.  Terrified, actually because what if all the 18 and 19 year olds give me dirty looks and laugh at me because I’m so old? Or, what if they all like me and then expect me to buy them beer? The possibilities for humiliation are endless.

But about this summer. It’s over.  As much as I bitch and moan about the heat and hot and the stupid 100 degree days Richmond keeps throwing at me, I’m not thrilled to see the summer go.  It’s just been so different from last summer.  Last summer I did vaction-like things. I went to the river almost every single weekend.  And yet this summer? I have yet to go to the river. What’s worse, is that I have no excuse as to why I didn’t go to the river because I do remember having all sorts of free days this summer, it’s just that instead of spending my summer days doing stuff, I took naps instead. Which leads me to believe I am old and crotchety and boring.

For whatever reason this summer has made me very, very tired. I’m not sure if it’s the job, which has taken away many weekends from me, or if it’s the heat, or if it’s the way I stress myself out over silly things, or what. But, I’m just so sleepy. So sleepy, in fact, that I have come very close to checking out of work early, just so I could nap every day this week. But, in true me form, instead of actually taking a nap, I just talked about taking a nap, which, in retrospect, seems pretty counter-productive to me now, seeing as talking about taking a nap only resulted in me feeling more tired.

Maybe it’s that I’ve been thinking about summers past lately due to the visit of my long lost best friend. We had crazy adventures. And now, maybe I’m an adult or something silly like that and summers just aren’t what they used to be. Which I’m not okay with. Isn’t it strange that we spend the first few decades of our lives anticipating summer and wishing for summer and longing for summer and then all of a sudden, it’s taken from us by jobs and commitments and, ugh, responsibilities. Seems cruel and unsual if you ask me.

I just can’t let this summer slip away completely without doing something or going somewhere that involves an airplane not controlled by the Air Force. I can’t let it happen because if it happens now, when I’m only 25, imagine how boring I’ll be by 30. So, the husband and I are going to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend. And you can bet your buttons I won’t be sleeping.

(Tips on what to see, do and eat would be muchly appreciated!)


3 Responses to “I’m not too cool for school & the summer of sleeping”

  1. San August 19, 2009 at 11:33 AM #

    I hear you. Summers do change when you become an adult. It’s sad, but true. You really have to make an effort to get this “summer feeling” back that we took for granted when we were kids.

    A getaway to SF sounds fun though. You’re only there for three days, but I could send you a map with a route than you can easily walk in one day and see most of the Union Square/Fishersman’s Wharf/Chinatown/North Beach area.

  2. H to the Izzo August 20, 2009 at 3:15 PM #

    I know what you mean about feeling old and boring, and not having adventures, but trust me when I tell you that you are still definitely having adventures. That wedding where you stayed up all night? Any Army/work trips where you do cool things/see/photo/write about stuff? Re-connecting with old friends and cousins who turn out to live nearby? All adventures. And I love reading about them

  3. anOCgirl September 2, 2009 at 11:54 AM #

    still catching up on my reader and just now read this post. well, first off, you need to have dinner in north beach. that’s the total hang out place. kinda like u st in DC but classier. also, stay very very far away from tenderloin. you have to get some seafood at fisherman’s wharf. if sea food is not your thing, there’s an in-and-out near there. if you’ve never eaten at an in-n-out, you HAVE TO GO. i’m expecting a complete review of your visit there when you get back. and you have to go to lombard street. it’s crazy! it’s the crookedest street in the world (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lombard_Street_%28San_Francisco%29)!

    one more food tip: go to chinatown (unless you hate chinese food). it’s a whole different world there. do not be easily influenced by the people on the street who practically want to drag you into their somewhat shady-looking restaurant. if you walk into a restaurant in chinatown, and the only non-chinese people are you and your hubby, then you’ve come to the right restaurant.

    also, climb up telegraph hill. such a beautiful view of the city from there.

    don’t forget golden gate bridge!

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