Everyone likes goats, right?

26 Aug

On Saturday, during the Great Mother-in-Law Visit of ’09, we went to Maymont. For those of you not familiar with Richmond and all it’s fabulousness, Maymont is a park of sorts. It’s free. They have a petting zoo. And bears. And bald eagles. And beautiful gardens.  Trust me when I say it’s fabulous.

So we went, with the Mother-in-Law, in an effort to show her something uniquely Richmond. It was hot, because it’s August and this is the South, but we managed to not melt too too much and while I’m pretty sure my Mother-in-Law was at least a little bit miserable in the heat, as we all were, I’m pretty sure she had at least a little bit of a good time too, even if she wouldn’t feed the goats.

Ah, the goats! I love them. They were so cute and made me want to sell my beautiful big city house and move out to the country and buy goats – lots and lots of goats! And sheep! And maybe a cow! And some ducks! And a horse! And more doggies! And maybe a barn cat! Maybe.


One thing you have to understand about me, is that I was raised by goats. And wolves. And a very woolly sheep. Most kids had a family pet – maybe a gerbil, or a dog, or a cat, or a goldfish, but I had a family farm. Goats and sheep and horses and cows and chickens were all part of daily life for me growing up and every now and then I get some pains that could be heartburn but what I’m going to call the pangs of remembrance.


True story about goats: When I was about seven years old, we lived up in this crazy log cabin up on this hill in Ohio, and this friend of my mom’s brought his goats over so we could watch them for some now-forgotten reason. My mother left a note on the door containing some important information about something.  I got in trouble later because I didn’t get the note BECAUSE THE GOATS ATE THE NOTE! I think I might have even been grounded over this episode because no matter how many times I tried to explain to my mother, who left me alone in the woods at the age of seven, that the goats had eaten the note, she didn’t believe me.

Amazingly, I still think goats are super cool, despite their amazing abilities to eat everything in sight and get me grounded. You’d think something like that would turn me against goats, but the thing about goats is that they have the cute, and you just can’t argue with the cute.



6 Responses to “Everyone likes goats, right?”

  1. chasingparadise August 26, 2009 at 2:25 PM #

    When I was in high school, not too far away from here (Richmond), I worked at a berry farm that had goats. I’d never been around them before, but I fell in love with them. I watched a baby goat come into the world, which just made my summer that year. I have a special fondness for goats because of that place, that job, and that baby goat. I always say I’m going to go back to that berry farm in the summer, but I always, always forget. Maybe soon.

  2. Ash August 26, 2009 at 5:24 PM #

    Well, yes, I left you alone in the woods at age 7, but, in my defense, there were like 10 mostly-wolves in the yard, in the house, and most especially, in between you and anyone crazy (or stupid) enough to make the hike through the field, across the log over the creek below, and up the steep hill through the dark and evil looking pine forest, where the wolves waited just to…terrify …them at the top!

    Do you know you were in the barn, in your babyseat, in the dark of night, watching a baby goat be born when you were less than a month old?

    At least you can say you had an interesting childhood!

  3. CuppyCakes August 27, 2009 at 5:02 AM #

    Goats are not my favourite. I’m going to have a fit the day my team leaders decide I should learn the stables at work. Thats where the goats are! And the sheep! And OH HOLY JESUS THERE WAS A PIG THERE AT ONE POINT… but sometimes there are horses, and I do like a good horse.

  4. Martha Ann August 27, 2009 at 8:06 PM #

    Goats rule. Their cute factor is off the scale and the most the interesting blog posts, like this one, get written about them. Wolves. hmmm. You did have an interesting childhood. How did you keep the wolves away from the goats?

    Martha Ann

  5. H to the Izzo August 29, 2009 at 2:49 PM #

    The goat ate my homework

  6. Ash September 1, 2009 at 4:40 PM #

    Martha Ann, sometimes it was hard. I can still remember so clearly the time Kyla, who was about 70% wolf (her father was basically pure, her mother was mixed wolf and dog) reached through the fence and grabbed herself a lamb. Or the time a chicken flew into her enclosure.

    So, it was challenging. But worth it.

    And, there was never any blame on her – she was just doing what her nature called her to do. The fault was ours for not having better fences or for not keeping them further apart.

    Having had wolves and wolf-dogs, I have to say that while there is no relationship like it, and I’d love to have one again (a rescue), I do not advocate the breeding of them. It’s just too hard to provide them a forever home, and they have to have one. But things happen. And, they like to roam, so if they get out, with their instinct to hunt, bad things happen.

    Oh, and wolves do not attack people. Our wolves, while they would scare anyone away, would actually have run to the back of the enclosure rather than engage a human.

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