September’s Goals (or things I should have done)

30 Sep

So that’s it. September is done. Over. Finito! I’d love to say I was super productive this month, but I wasn’t. I went to San Francisco, which was awesome. I got food poisoning, which wasn’t awesome. And somewhere in between those two events I did some other.

September Goal Recap, or, What I was Supposed to Accomplish in  September:

  1. Paint the dining room chairs. – Partial Credit – I have painted two of the five chairs. As it turns out, I hate painting chairs.
  2. Call Nintendo about replacing the Wii Fit disc the HuskyMutt ate that one time she got bored and back when she still ate stuff she wasn’t supposed to. – FAIL.  Epic. I keep meaning to do this. But then I never do.
  3. Donate $20 or more to charity. – DONE!
  4. Relax for a few minutes and look up at the stars. – FAIL. But, I have plans to go to the Outer Banks in a few weeks and I will absolutely, without a doubt, take some time to stare at the stars while I’m there.
  5. Figure out what I want to be for Halloween. – ALMOST DONE! – Andrew and I have narrowed it down to two options…
  6. Go on a date with my husband. – DONE!
  7. Read at least one banned book. – Partial Credit – I started reading a banned/challenged book yesterday. And since it’s a young adult book, I might even finish it today.
  8. Clean out my closet. – FAIL! I did, however, buy some shelves to put in the Closet O’ Disaster. So that’s a start.
  9. Get my hair cut. – DONE! I got my hairs cut on September 1 and even though my hair is MUCH shorter than it has been since I was in high school, I’m loving it!
  10. Buy a new winter coat. – DONE! – I don’t have it yet, but I ordered it yesterday and hopefully, fingers crossed, it will be awesome and I will not freeze to death during the… um, not very cold, rarely freezing Richmond winter.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t do that bad, but still. Why the hell haven’t I called Nintendo yet? I have no excuse! And why aren’t those chairs painted yet? Get to it, Self!

I think it’s finally autumn. I had to take someone to airport this morning at the UNGODLY HOUR OF 5 AM, and it was cold. I even turned on the heat in the car and, as it stands right now, my upstairs is so chilly that I’m wearing a hoodie.  Which is awesome because I am SO READY for fall.  The highs for the next little bit are only in the 70s. Absolute perfection!


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  1. Tori December 29, 2014 at 3:00 PM #

    It’s posts like this that make surfing so much plearuse

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