The little beach weekend that could

13 Oct

Two things I’m thankful for: The occasional four day weekend & the beach. Seriously. I’d loose my mind without both.


  • Cleaned the house before leaving because I am neurotic like that and have found that coming home to a clean house makes me happy. Headed east, toward the ocean.  Stopped at the outlet mall in Williamsburg. Bought the most perfect sweater for 40% off at J. Crew and a shirt for $6 at Charlotte Russe that says “I’m busy…read my blog.” Finally made it to the beach house after lots of stupid, totally pointless traffic. Walked down to the beach to wait for the Annoying Couple, half of which lives in my house. Went back to house, hit the Food Lion for breakfast things and beer, went to dinner at the Black Pelican. Was the only one who didn’t eat seafood because, um, IT’S DISGUSTING. Went back to the house and back down to the beach in the dark. Officially star-gazed.  Thought we saw a ship on the horizon. Then we thought we saw a ship on fire on the horizon. Then we realized it was the moon, rising. We all felt like idiots, but idiots with a good view. Drank some wine. Pushed two twin beds together and passed the eff out.


  • Up to drink coffee. One half of Annoying Couple made breakfast – pancakes & eggs & sausage & orange slices. We headed to the beach to catch some sun and stayed until the sky threatened to fall on us. Headed back to the house, drank some wine, waited for the rain. Went to the grocery store with the men. Got stuff for dinner. Came back to the beach house, snacked, went back out to the beach only to discover it was cold and windy and not at all nice like it was before. Walked back to the house to study for my Monday Midterm and drink wine. Made dinner on the grill with the help of the men. Ate dinner. Drank & played Taboo. Drank some more & played Pictionary for 5 minutes until one half of the Annoying Couple had a hissy fit and said he didn’t want to play anymore and that he hates everyone. Pulled out a tub of wigs and costumes instead and played dress up. Took embarrassing photos of each other. Went to sleep, totally spent, and very happy.


  • Up late. Breakfast of giant pancakes and coffee. Watched half the house pack up & leave. Debated staying. Felt guilty about thinking about staying because of Monday Midterm. Threw caution into the wind and decided to stay because a house with four people in it is a much calmer house than a house with eight people in it. Studied. Went to see Zombieland. LOVED IT. Went to Food Lion to get dinner supplies. Studied some more while everyone watch the Travel Channel. Made my famous spaghetti with veggie sauce & garlic bread. Felt competent. Played a four hour game of Monopoly while drinking wine. Finally felt like I was on vacation. Slept, soundly.


  • Woke up entirely too early. Packed our stuff up and hit the road. Ate Sonic for breakfast. Made decent time home and studied/browsed the internet until class time. Went to class. Took Midterm, came home & cooked Cheesy Shells & Broccoli. Watched TV, read my book & passed out.

Columbus might have been an asshole, but I least I got a long weekend out of it.


3 Responses to “The little beach weekend that could”

  1. CuppyCakes October 14, 2009 at 3:13 AM #

    I hate seafood too. Because it’s disgusting.

  2. Alverna October 14, 2009 at 2:10 PM #

    Love it…sounds like the best weekend ever!

    Also, seafood is awesome as long as it’s warm. Cocktail shrimp though? ICK! I know, I’m strange 🙂


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    […] people, which I guess I always knew anyway, but still. It’s nice when people remind me. We went to the beach again, for a tension filled weekend that ended perfectly. We went to the Celtic Festival and had all […]

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