Because I ♥ Sociology

12 Nov

I saw this yesterday and decided I had to share it:

The Sociological Deconstruction of Disney Princessestumblr_kr8nybGVqn1qzmvbao1_5001{source}

In some ways, sociology ruined me. I can’t watch a lot of movies or advertisements without seeing all the flaws, all the bullshit, all the sexism and racism. But then there’s the other side – the side that knows the why behind so many of life’s little quirks. And that makes up for it.

I register for classes tomorrow and, if all goes as planned, I’ll finally be a in a real, live upper level Sociology class. I absolutely CANNOT wait. I’m BEYOND excited. The class I took this semester had been fun and all, but I want to be among others who have a passion for sociology and who give a damn about getting an education. Fingers crossed I find that next semester!

Also, it’s raining. And has been for days. And I’m really sick of it. And so is the dog.


3 Responses to “Because I ♥ Sociology”

  1. emiliemarie November 12, 2009 at 5:39 PM #

    I love sociology too – it’s my minor. Thinking about making it a second major. I love the upper level classes, they are really interesting and mind-opening. (Is that a word? If not, I just made it up). I took a class last year on immigration that was REALLY interesting…and I loved my Soc of Gender course – you would have loved the professor. I think we should make it a required course in college; it really opens your eyes to so many things that explain why our world works the way it does. I’ve learned so much in my classes.

    I also love Disney…a lot. I agree there are many things wrong with Disney Princesses (the fact that they all are or become royalty, none of them are single forever, they are all SO SKINNY, etc.) However, I do believe they are better for kids to watch than the alternative on MTV (really…when did 8 year olds start watching MTV?) or other reality shows. All of the princesses in that photo possess good qualities that are qualities of character, morals, values… like kindness, spunk, generosity, compassion, etc. I’d rather my kids watch Beauty and the Beast than Transformers or play video games that repeatedly shoot other characters.

    Just my two cents 😉

  2. san November 12, 2009 at 6:41 PM #

    OMG! I would so love to take that class with you. I think we do think alike in many, many ways!

  3. H to the Izzo November 13, 2009 at 12:38 PM #

    Yay sociology. I constantly have to remind myself that not everyone thinks like a sociologist. What class are you going to take? My favorites in college were Soc of Religion, Urban Soc, and Race/Gender/Class. Also cool that the prof of 2 of those is a good friend of mine now (did you get to meet her?)

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