I might have smelled like a goat

18 Nov

Yesterday I got to wake up at 5 AM, drive out to the Middle of Nowhere, Virginia, and shoot video of Soldiers doing super cool, super loud, super explosive training.  We (myself, my husband and my boss) arrived on the scene a bit before the training started so we could get a feel for what was going to go down. We turned a corner and suddenly, right in front of me, where goats.

Real. Live. Goats. On a military training site.

Since Monday was a no-good, very-bad day, and since I was still super pissed off at Monday and at the entire month of November, I really, really, REALLY needed something to cheer me up and there, out of nowhere, were goats.

So there I was, freezing to death in the not-nearly-as-cold-as-I-think-it-was air, frantically reaching my hands out for the goats to sniff, even though I’m pretty sure that only works with dogs and mountain lions (and sometimes it doesn’t even work with the mountain lions). I was over-the-moon excited about the goats because HELLO! the child in me is totally the dirty farm kid I was in my youth and ZOMG GOATS!

So I chased some goats around and around the training site and was finally able to pet one. I was walking around thinking it was such a great and fabulous day and singing songs about Old MacDonald and smiling like an idiot – I was determined the day had, miraculously turned into the best day ever.

Until I discovered even more farm animals!!

See, once the training wrapped up the Soldiers all got together to discuss the what went right turning the training and what went wrong and so I was, with my husband, wandering around playing one of my favorite games – kick rocks around while waiting for something to happen – when we spotted some turkeys. Which was neat and which made me hungry for Thanksgiving dinner. And then I saw some chickens, and then I clucked at the chickens and then we saw a guinea, which I was able to properly identify as a guinea on the spot after only some limited hemming and haaing and so we went over to the chickens and found two great big pens where they apparently keep all these silly farm animals and then I looked up and noticed that THERE WAS A FUCKING DONKEY CHILLIN’ IN A PEN IN THE WOODS!!!!

And I totally lost my shit because I was so damn happy to be around all sorts of crazy critters and then, as if my day hadn’t already been made a million times, the goats came over to me and I fed them the crumbs of my granola bar and they all gathered around me and LOVED me because I had food.

I realized, on the way home, that I smelled like goats. But I didn’t mind. Because it’s a smell I love: the farm smell. And it also reminded me of good times spent on farms running around with this girl when I was but a wee dirty farm lass.

There’s nothing better than sweet, smelly memories.

Except for when you come home smelling like goats and your dog goes apeshit and gets that crazy accusatory look in her eyes and tries to eat your leg because you smell like a damn goat.


4 Responses to “I might have smelled like a goat”

  1. Margaret November 18, 2009 at 7:46 PM #

    Your day was a Gift From God.

    Happy for you

  2. H to the Izzo November 18, 2009 at 9:14 PM #

    Great story! There were randomly GOATS! and other animals at the Brunswick Stew Festival in the Bottom, and Joe and I had delighted in their presence.

  3. Alverna November 18, 2009 at 10:59 PM #

    This girl thinks that’s a pretty damn cool story and really wishes she could have seen the fun farm critters with you! And so proud you were able to identify the guinea! They make funny noises, don’t they!?


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    […] moved out and I realized I should never have let her stay for as long as she did.  I discovered some goats. And a donkey. I hosted Thanksgiving for my family, something else I will probably never do […]

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