Month in the Rearview // July ’10

30 Jul

This Month I…

Had my first house guests of the summer when the Swedes came to visit.
– Hosted a party for the 4th of July.
Got promoted.
– Swept up a lot of dog hair.
Fought and made up.
– Spend a lot of time thinking about old friends and new friends.
– Stayed in a hotel room by myself for the first time ever.
– Got to co-anchor a thirty minute online news show for work.
– Named myself the Bat Whisperer.
– Conquered a fear by getting on a little boat for work without drowning or hyperventilating.

To-Do Recap

  1. Get an A in my summer class. – DONE! (My GPA is now 3.86.)
  2. Cross 3 4 things off my 101 in 1001 list. – DONE! (#12: Have a picnic; #34:Get promoted; #44: Grow cherry tomatoes; #49: Bake an apple pie;) 
  3. Try a new recipe. – DONE! (Apple Pie, Garlic Fries)
  4. Put all the outdoor furniture where it belongs. – DONE!
  5. Plan a trip to Ocean City, MD for August. – DONE!
  6. Watch a movie. DONE!
  7. Read a book. DONE!
  8. Play the Sims 3. DONE!
  9. Go out to dinner with my husband. DONE!
  10. Bake something. DONE!

2 Responses to “Month in the Rearview // July ’10”

  1. Lara July 30, 2010 at 5:58 PM #

    Love these short and long-term goals you set for yourself.

    Congrats on the GPA!

  2. Emilie August 1, 2010 at 8:25 AM #

    Awesome job with the GPA!
    You got a lot done this month, good for you!

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