If only…

13 May

I wish I had words to explain some of the things on my mind right now.  I suppose the time is coming soon when I need to take a deep breathe and spill some of it.  Not all of it, but maybe at least the pieces around the perimeter. 

 Since I’ve been home I’ve stuck to taking a picture everyday, although I haven’t posted to flickr since before I left.  It’s a problem when I have internet access on computers that are not mine.  I’m sure I’ll spend plenty of time when I do get back to Kosovo next week sorting through all the pictures.  It should be lots of fun. 

Some things in my life are absolutely magical.  Sometimes, despite numerous disasters, things really do turn out okay. 

 Life is strange though, very strange.  The way people change and the way life thursts them this way and that is really quite interesting.  Someone told me yesterday that they were shocked that I looked the same.  Said person knew I had gone through enormous changes in my life, but was surprised that the changes hadn’t manifested themselves on the outside.  Maybe it’s more difficult because I don’t look any different, because I appear to be the same person, and yet, I’m not.  I’m not the same person I was 6 months ago, or even a year ago. Every thing I’ve seen and gone through has been drastic.  There hasn’t been slight curves along the path I choose, it’s been crazyness since the beginning. 

 But the crazy path is really pretty interesting, and I’m enjoying what I’m discovering about myself and about the people around me.  The best of it is, I’ve even surprised myself some.    

I’ve got just a few more days left to spend in the states and I really do need to get on the ball and get the things I wanted to accomplish accomplished.  There is some shopping that I need to do, along with a haircut, and probably some other random things I’ve forgotten and won’t remember until I board a plane back across the ocean. 


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