23 Mar

Yesterday morning, upon realizing that it was beautiful outside, we decided that we should really get out of the apartment and spend some time outside. And so we did. Since our friend from Alexandria was visiting, we decided to go to Belle Isle and have ourselves an adventure.


It really was beautiful outside, although I think the prettiest parts of the day were the parts that we spent talking about wanting to go outside. It rained on us a little bit, but it was still quite wonderful.


Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were there again being beautiful and lovely and enjoying the weather as well. As you can see they’re very photogenic.


Mostly I think we were all pretty happy to be outside. It seems that it’s finally starting to look (and feel) like spring, although with my luck, and with the insanity that Mother Nature can pull, it’ll probably start snowing tomorrow just because I got my hopes up about spring.


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